Saturday, July 11, 2009

Circle of Life. Angels abound...

oh my friends. am typing through tears, our Dear friend Deb crossed over to the other side of Love herself Wds night . we are not priviledged to get many people who are our friends for over 45 years, I'm so grateful that mine (Nancy, Deb, & Robin & husbands) were all at Jenni's weddin last summer. roger is going to push me over a cliff if I don't get my hole-in-the-head back to bed to start recovery meself, so TTFN, lots of love spread amongst you ALL.

we'll be in touch, we promise. XXOOO annie wt the hole-in-head.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

home again...

bak home yesteroday after overnigght at Roanoke Memorial; everythng went very well with procedure yesterady. Hole in Brain all set & prepped & ready to have stitches out & chemo in back in at my usual clinic tomorrow afternoon. today is "remember you had minor./major surgery and heal up easily" day. tomorrow is Oh Hell, Here Comes the Chemo again day ;-(( Yesteray gail ws the only on tall enough to tell me what the "stent/port/cath" looks like...she was giggling because it looked like a gadget we wer supposed to touch the switch on every 5 min, lol. NOT.

can't say Thannk You enough for all the love and letters alreay cming my way in high volume; can't say nough haw frustratd i am that i have haf yur birthday cards finished but on th way?? not bloody likely.

loveloveluv all around,
Annabella with the hole in the head-a

Monday, July 6, 2009

Around the corner again...

Grab yer hats folks here comes the next giant loop on the Blob Ride. The last chemos we tried just didn't do the job completely. They tried, but led to some even nastier side effects than the cancer caused! I have now had breast cancer that has pretended to be all sorts of of right now, it is trying to be several forms of meningitis working on my spinal lymph fluids. We 've knocked that away but the next step is to have a small "shunt" or valve put into my skull and twice a week I will have chemo "shot" by injection into the shunt. So tomorrow morning, Roger will deliver me to the hospital in Roanoke (about 1 hour away) where noon-ish a surgeon will do one of these fairly routine stent insertions. They'll keep me overnight (to watch as I'm high risk for infection) and send me home the next day. Handily, sister Gail lives just a few blocks from the hospital, so she and Roger will trade off lookn after me as much as needs be....then after i get settled in back home, the "routine" will be to go to the same clinic I've been going to and twice weekly have th chemo shot in.

Hope this is clear as mudd to you all as it is to me. We'll keep you posted on any changes, but for now, I'm going to assume No News Is Good News!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

back on the Roller Coaster

my dear angel friends...sorry, I took a week off from the world and spent it at the local hospital. Not a bad place to be when you can't stop barfing & are totally open to "Better Living with Modern Chemicals"..plenty of great pain meds, lol. Am glad to report i got better in time to come home in time for the weekend. Jenni has been here so I'm being looked after by a wondrful father/daughtr team :-) Max & Chelsea are off to NYC for a much needed "get out of town" trip, hope they have a blast in the big city ;-))) Tests this afternoon show the cancer is still moving around my spinal fluid a bit so I've got loads of pain meds & ster0oids for the weekend and plenty of firewo0rks to help our NewlyWeds celebrate their FIRST anniversary! Next week we'll start again with a whole new procdure & set of drugs...but for now , please rest with me and I'll keep you posted next week PLEASE imagine that yo9u are gettting wondrful hand lettered thank yu cards for all my amazing mail that has been entertaining my family, neighbors, and hopsital staff!

doodles of big hugs ((((*)))))

Sunday, June 14, 2009

good afternoon,

can you say very loudly Cancer Sucks! for all of you who have been so kind as t0 say i'm some sort of inspiration, it's a darn good thing you aren't around me today. The new treatment in my spine is time consuming but doesn't hurt until later...and then crapola, i've barely made it out of bed today..when you are hurting in every bone too much to get out of bed f0r chocolate, well, you know that means i'm a mess. can't read or hold a book or type for very l0ong, s0 sweet roger raised the tv in my room so it is high enough for me to see. mowstly i've been listening to old movies on it, NOW we kn0ow why we pay for all those movie chanels! and Sister Gail & Dreamboat Dakota the Wo0nder Lab came by for a nice visit today. so here's a toast to a pretty good, coould be worse day all things considered ;-) flowers from a month or so ago

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its about That Time Again

Oh my friends & family ,

so sorry I haven't been in touch much these last few month. I was very sick from some chemo & then when we went off that chemo & I got even sicker, go figure. The WORST has been that lack of feeling in my fingers has kept me from typing or lettering , not to mention dropping plates of food when I do attempt to eat...lost 30 lbs but trust me, this is NOT the way to go. It is also very hard to hold the phone for long!

This week, tests confirmed that I now have something called "Carcinatomous (Cancerous) Meningitis" on my spine & in the lining of my brain. There are several treatments but my docs and I have decided that surgically putting a "port" into my brain for chemo or getting radiation to my brain could leave me pretty disfunctional for long time (as if i haven't felt disfunctional for a long time now!) so I am going to start a treatment that means i'll have a Lumbar Puncture (or "Spinal tap") twice a week for about 3 weeks to receive chemo and then we'll re-evaluate. I had the Lumbar puncture yesterday & while it was briefly painful, it truly wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated.

So that's the latest on the Cancer Path for me. Lots of diagnosis could be worse, so I am trying to be positive that this might take away the nausea & back pain & give me back some finger feeling.

I can't tell you how much your wonderfully supportive e-mails, CARDS (all works of ART!), and messages have lifted me up...not to mention the prayers & love sent from around the world! Please understand if I don't get back to you right away!

doodles of Love and Gratitude to you all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praise Song for Today

Oh, what a day. I love Inaugurations and this one was one of the best ever. I'm so proud of everyone involved, what class, finesse, style, courage and endurance was demonstrated, and most of that was before breakfast ;-) I do hope Elizabeth Alexander's poem "Praise Song for The Day" does get wide attention, every word in it was so carefully crafted, as were all the speeches. Despite another person's opinion expressed forcefully that almost half the country is not feeling like celebrating today, I say, too bad, be gracious. I have been gracious about recent inaugurations, it is more about America than it is about any particular person, even the president.

And oh, did you hear? CNN tells us that the gift Mrs. Obama gave to Mrs. Bush this morning was a handmade leather journal and "special" pen to begin her chronicles of Life before/during/after being First Lady. Hurray for Michelle and her style and consideration!

So tonight, at least in cyberspace, let's dance together at all the Balls. Lets celebrate the Arts, a Hope for Peace, a Wish for Cancer Cure...I'll be the one in purple paint splashed satin with alphabet shaped diamonds dangling all over...see you there!